Artin Seaworth

Artin must strive to save Apochrya and control the Master Contraster


Race: Human
Profession: Pirate/Smuggler/Merchant/Zealot
Gender: Male
Class: Sorcerer
Birthplace: Apochrya
Residence: Apochrya
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 200 lbs.
Stature: Dominating
Hair: Brown

Items Artin carries:
Quickbeam staff – was Lionel’s magic staff. Lionel gave it to Artin on his deathbed. It is made of ash and riddled with ancient Apochryan symbols.
Historical Scrolls – these were the scrolls Lionel showed to Artin as proof of Apochrya’s impending doom.
Captian Horatio’s Compass – simple compass set in a bronze housing, Capitan Horatio gave Artin the compass after a particularly sneaky adventure.


Artin grew up in Apochrya, the orphan boy of a local enchanter. His mother died in childbirth and his father died when he was only 7 of a freak enchantment accident. Artin spent the next 8 years stealing and running from the local cops surviving in the streets and alleys. Word soon spread among the lower scum of Apochrya of a boy who could control the weather. This is when Artin ran into Capitan Horatio.

Captain Horatio – Artin’s captain and friend, Captain Horatio first recruited Artin to join the crew of the Kracken’s Lust when Artin was just 15 years old. Captain Horatio utilized Artin’s abilities to sneak the Kracken’s Lust about when pirating or smuggling. However, on an already particularly stormy night, Artin was unable to calm the seas and rains causing a hurricane to erupt sinking the Kracken’s Lust among the rocks. Artin was washed ashore presumably the only survivor.

Lionel – the old wizard hermit living alongside the coast, Lionel found Artin washed ashore. Lionel nursed Artin back to health while simultaneously teaching him of the impending doom Apochrya was to face. Lionel also showed Artin how to better hone his powers, controlling the magic rather than the magic controlling him. After spending two years under Lionel’s tutorship, Artin left upon Lionel’s death of old age.

Princess Whitewing – Upon reaching Apochrya after Lionel’s death, Artin immediately began preaching of Apochrya’s impending doom. Though charming in his arguments, none but Princess Whitewing believed his foretold doom. Artin was quickly swept up by her beauty and charm. Hoping to escape Apochrya’s doom, Artin fashioned a “safe room” in the catacombs of Apochrya in which he and Princess Whitewing could sleep through the Armageddon.

Artin Seaworth

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