Cliff Sidevillage



Being least favored by the DM, Cliff Sidevillage naturally has the least XP.

Cliff Sidevillage was born to his mother, West Sidevillage, in the village of Close Toledge. He was born on the day that the dragons came which was considered a good omen for his town.

Cliff never knew his father, but only knew that he was an elf who visited Close Toledge and swooned his mother during his stay at the local inn.

Around the age of 15 Cliff joined others born on Dragon’s Day to adventure in the hopes of bringing back treasure or supplies for the town. Vastly unequipped for adventuring the entire party died except for Cliff, who was spared by his cowardice which in that moment surpassed his uselessness.

Lost and alone, Cliff miraculously managed to be discovered near death by priests of Palor, who saved his life. Feeling endebted he took up service to their cause which both provided a freedom from his past but also equipped him to be useful to society.

Nearly a decade after that Cliff ventured out from with his priesthood to Band Calma. Struck with compassion for the town and its plight, Cliff made it his duty to stay in Band Calma and aid the townspeople, who were doing just fine without him.



From a Cliff-Side Village

Cliff Sidevillage was born the day the dragons came. His mother, West, was stressed into labor by the events and gave birth to Cliff in the small village of Close Toledge.

The events were naturally stressful but at the same time blessed the village in ways they wouldn’t have imagined. The seasons that followed the events were rewarding to the village. Crops were more bountiful. Livestock remained healthier and produced more milk, more wool, more eggs. The wolves even seemed to bother Close Toledge less than before.

Because of the turn of luck for the village the simple-minded folk started to worship the dragons for the good fortune they brought. Those born on dragon’s day were considered lucky and treated at times like gods themselves!

About 15 years after the day the dragons came the luck that Close Toledge had inherited became threatened. The crops once bountiful became barren. The livestock became ill, produced less milk, less wool, less eggs. The town needed its dragon’s day gods to step up and be the heroes they were born to be!

The Only Survivor

Those born on the dragon’s day set off for an adventure they were only prepared for in their over-fluffed egos, including Cliff. A few weeks into the adventure and reality began to set in. The dragon’s day heroes were starving and weak and completely lost. This, along with their inability to read the signs of danger all around them, led them right into the hands of a group of <insert>s! Cliff managed to escape, but the gravity of the event weighed on him heavily.

He was a coward. Not only that, but when he asked himself what he could have done differently the answer was absolutely nothing. Not only was he a coward, but he was a useless one at that.

Saved by a Real Religion!

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Making a Difference at Band Calma

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Cliff Sidevillage

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