Kordesh Wrendal

24 year old slender wood-elf (Chaotic Good)


Slender and tall wood-elf with short brown hair.


So it looks like I’ll be a wood-elf arcane cleric named Kordesh.(neutral good)


I grew up in a small town called Paneel. The town was boring.

I spent my days with my head in a book while my best friend was trying to scheme his way in to becoming rich.
I noticed that some of the books kept locally talked of magic and I managed to perform some very minor tricks. We both had dreams of grandeur, I wanted more to learn more about magic and knew I would find no answers here and he had his own reasons. So we decided to travel to valleyford.

Come one, come all and be dazzled by the great Hussom! You may have seen magic but never performed like this! I’ve mastered the art of magic and I don’t need to do any fancy hand waving or muttering gibberish!

-The crowd begins to gather where most seem more skeptical than intrigued.

-I stand off in a nearby alleyway out of sight from the onlookers and begins to say the words and hand gestures, this is nothing new… just another day and another dollar.

Hussom folds his arm briefly and then winks at a pretty girl, and in that moment, a shower of sparks flare up around both of them.

The show continues on in this fashion for another 15 minutes and the crowd is in the palm of his hand.
Finally when he knows the time is perfect, he then asks for donations for the entertainment.
From the looks of it, We made an incredibly good haul today.

After the show I immediately leave and head to our usual watering hole to split the score and have a drink. Best not to show that he had help with his tricks.

As I walk up to the Wyvern’s sting tavern, I see Hussom running towards me. 4 thugs and their leader are chasing him and he throws the pouch of gold towards me. The thugs don’t appreciate the gesture and cut him down.
The next thing I know, I’m getting pummeled and crumble to the ground.

Just as my visions starts fading I get jolted back to consciousness and then see brilliant lights seek out and crash in to the underlings. They go down quickly.

An older voice calls out: “Drop the pouch and leave now!”

The rugged man replies: “How about you leave and I won’t finish off this man.”

Again brilliant arcane energy shot forth from the old man, and at that moment mutual destruction was assured. He thrusted deep through the heart moments before having his skull bashed in.

The old man tried to heal him but it was a mortal wound, nothing could be done.

Hussom was dead.

After a few days I found myself searching out the library where the old man resided. I thanked him by giving him all the gold that Hussom and I had earned and then I asked the old man how he was able to heal as a cleric but still have mastery over the arcane?
The old man responded that magic and gods are two faces of the same coin. Enlightenment leads to understanding of god which in turn will help you understand the arcane. He stated plainly" If you want enlightenment, you must study here with me until you understand."

So study I did.

We just spent most of our days reading, meditating and praying. I asked for a name from the man but he never would tell me. He said I’d find out one day.

I learned much about the arcane and history. And the god Mystral who is responsible for the weave of all magic. Most people follow other incarnations of her but have long forgotten the true source.

One day during prayer. I had a vision of a great many things. Searing lights with glimpses of valleys, hills, mountains and the cosmos beyond.

After this I knew it was time to say goodbye. Just I had learned everything I could from the books in my town, so did I learn everything I could for this man and his scrolls.

I set out packed ready for adventure and went to the edge of town. I realize I had left an amulet that the old man gave to me as a gift so I ran back towards his library.

Once I arrived, I staggered with confusion. The library was gone and trade shop was set up. The women running the tannery exclaimed she had been set up here for 2 years now… I knew this was the spot but how could this be.

I stumbled a little and just began to wander the town unsure of what to do.

After a few minutes a young boy approached and said “Hey you dropped this.” handing me my lost amulet.

I continued walking around town with purpose knowing I’d find it, and before long a man approached me…

(The vision while studying was a form of far sight where I was being shown knowledge from the weave of magic)

(Mechanically speaking, I was brought in to a pocket dimension by a weird “old man” for 2 years to study/research)

Kordesh Wrendal

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