Leonce Petrus Aedinius

Highborn diplomat with more than a few secrets


First Entry

My name is Leonce Petrus Aedinius, and I fear that adventure has befallen me, whether I have beckoned or not.

A brief history may be in order. My family is part of the ruling class of Hawold, in the Elven Lands. It’s a small province, but one that the residents find influential. (Many of the more distant elf colonies would disagree.) Our family is not the only one who makes decisions on behalf of our people, but we are the oldest. Both of my parents are heavily involved in the politics of the region, as were their parents, and their parents as well. Perhaps more accurately, I should say that my mother and father were involved. The same was expected of me until very recently. I should explain.

I am not an only child. While there have always been high hopes for me, they have been even higher for my younger brother, Garund Novatus. From the day he was born, the stars shone a little brighter and the air smelled a bit sweeter. His smile could win any favor, and with his laugh, showers of gifts would rain from the heavens. As he came of age, he succeeded where ever he endeavored. He had mastered all manner of spell and martial arts by 12, and he was second in command in our militia by 14. By 16, he had already won the heart of the kindest, most eligible young lady within 50 miles. They were set to be married before his seventeenth birthday, and everyone was overjoyed.

And then the day of the wedding arrived. The ceremony was resplendent. The ruling families of Hawold, as well as those in every neighboring province, arrived with gifts in hand. There was dancing and singing, and when the vows were exchanged, there was not a dry eye to be seen. And then the toast. As Garund, noble and gracious as always, thanked everyone with the utmost sincerity, he called for us all to raise our glasses. We did so, and cheered heartily. But then, a strange look appeared on his face. It is one that I will never, ever forget. I saw, in that fleeting moment, all that he would ever be: his dreams, his aspirations, his love, his youth. In that moment, Garund gasped, coughed, sputtered. His jaw went slack; his eyes rolled, and it was over.

Since the day of my brother’s poisoning, I haven’t slept soundly. My dreams are disturbed by this feeling of endless ambition. It’s almost a hunger. I must reconcile this wrong, somehow. I loved my brother as much as anyone. But this is more than fraternal love and the tragedy of loss. This is something more fundamental, more… visceral. I will find answers.

Second Entry

I have left, along with a confidant. He has gone out to earn us a means of living while I have stayed in the humble accommodations we have procured. I have been studying endlessly, and I have found a tutor. She promises to help me find what I seek, and I believe that she has the means to do so. Despite this meager existence my compatriot and I have carved out for ourselves, my hopes remain high. The spirit of an Aedinius is not broken so easily.

Third Entry

My Lady makes her presence known,
a fallen star among the weald,
and out I run from hearth and home,
‘til finally a truth revealed.

She finds my broken flesh and bone,
but does not weep for body torn,
a coat to mend, a stitch is sewn,
for in my tears I am reborn.

A vibrant, blue-eyed daffodil,
with breath of dragon, heart of ice,
a void I’ve so long sought to fill,
now carved anew with faery knife.

My Lady gives; My Lady takes,
and with her love, the past erased.

Fourth Entry

Finally, some luck on this damnable journey. I sometimes wonder if I ever should have left home, but had I not, I would be as dead as my dear brother. Whoever sought his downfall likely planned the same fate for the Aedinius name altogether. Still, there is more to be done, and I won’t lie down and die.

I have received a message, and I have been advised that it is not one to take lightly. I am to head into the mountains at the next whole moon. I should gather anyone I can. At last! A task for which I am well prepared. My traveling companion and I have formed a strategy, and it will be carried out posthaste. Now, I wait to see who will arrive.

Leonce Petrus Aedinius

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