Mathan Venden

The Wandering Bear


Class: Paladin
Race: Human
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Ht, wt: 6’7” 350 lbs.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown

Dressed in chain mail draped with furs of beasts and creatures alike and a helmet adorned with the antlers of an elk, Mathan is a larger man with an even larger beard. He’s a cheery fellow though, and his laugh is unmistakable… so is his halberd.


Born to a peasant family far to the west, where the lush green of the Rainforests gives way to pine and coniferous as the cold of the Winterwolf Wastes pushes towards the sea, Mathan lived a simple life of hunting and fishing for his nomadic family who lived in almost seclusion – as it was the way this far west in the land of Forn.

On a normal hunting trip with his father and brother, Mathan found himself separated from his family, blocked by an encroaching blizzard. This was not out of the ordinary for any hunting trip – Mathan was carefree and jolly and would often find himself separated from his father and brother as he followed his heart’s content – but this blizzard would set in motion the rest of Mathan’s life. As he pushed farther into the forest fighting against the wind, Mathan suddenly found himself in a glen. No wind blew here, no snow fell, silence rushed through his ears deafening his senses.

In the middle of the glen stood a giant of a bear casting its shadow to Mathan’s feet. The bear stared deeply into Mathan’s blue eyes. To Mathan, nothing moved as their eyes remained locked, but the bear rushed forward, meeting Mathan head on.

Mathan then woke to immense, blinding light. The air was not dry and cold, but rather refreshing and warm. He was in a bed, and to his side, and elf. It would seem the gods had brought Mathan to the Feywild. Here, would spend twelve years (or what seemed like 12 years) amongst the elves as somewhat of a oddity, learning their ways, the ways of nature and harmony. There, in the ancient city of Donnathal, he would learn how to call on the wild, to use its endless source of power. The elves here were far to eager to educate a human being as no human had ever made it to this land in a millennium.

In constant wonderment of this land, Mathan would again, find his feet bringing him to new places. Mathan wound find himself in the exact same spot the elves found him 12 years earlier to the day. There before him stood the same bear. This time however, it was Mathan who approached. Placing his brow against the bear’s head, Mathan felt the rush of the cold wind of the Forn. He opened his eyes to find himself home – he was once again in the glen of his memories.

Mathan searched out his family, however, upon finding them, he realized this world was no longer his – it was too… gray; his family’s love, too… weak; the sun, too… cold. It was then that Mathan decided he must find a way back to the bosom of the Feywild. He must seek out the elves of Ktecedios and their help.

Mathan Venden

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