Angrep Morkalv

Angrep Morkalv roughly translates to “Dark Elf Attack” and is the name given to a planned attack orchestrated against Hjerte Sang, the goliath tribe of Jorden Fjell and Styrke Fjell.


“They didn’t come from the shadows; the shadows came as a vessel that brought them to our encampment. Like a silk cover the shadows drifted into place and were shed to reveal our attackers.”

Event happened nearly 5 years ago. A group of Eladrin that matched the number of our tribe separated from the fey and appeared right before our eyes. They appeared tainted, corrupted. Their eyes were distant, always searching regardless of what current actions they took. Immediately the tribe took arms and fought against the attack. The elves listlessly fought back, ever searching, breaking into the crude homes that had been erected since the last dreie without concern for the rebuttal being posed.

Their senses were adept to a level of absurdity. Omnipresence begins to describe how the aware the elves were. As long as one elf could see an attack that was mounting against them, they all could see the attack.

The battle raged on, the goliaths fighting to remove the infestation while the elves swarmed into every crevice of the camp, fending off the attacks with little effort. All of a sudden, with a quick “pop” the elves had pulled themselves back into the fey.

Our mother, who had been holding onto one of the elves as they disappeared into the dark silken shadow, was tainted by the fey step. Her arm was black as if burned and her veins noticably darker as they led to the wound. The taint continued to spread over a week’s time as Jorden tried desparately to heal her. The taint did not speak to her like the natural elements. It was silent as it spread, just like the few others who had also been too close to the silky veil that was pulled around the elves as they disappeared. Because of Jorden’s care our mother outlasted the others injured, but she could not recover.

After the battle it was discovered that Steinbold was taken. The relics loss brought about a period of deficit; Game was hard to find, flora had less yeild and ultimately Hjerte Sang was unable to meet the terms of its trade agreements with the Silver Kingdom.

Angrep Morkalv

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