Gurdy's Retreat

This is a story of Gurdy Gurdis during the events of Chapter 1.

Gurdy’s vision narrowed, her hammer slips from her grip, as she starts seeing fuzzy lights that burst into brighter and brighter light. Her body slumps to the ground. She feels limp… heavy…. unnatural.

Her mind wanders in and out of thought. Randomly as if time were passing slowly but instantly with each passing thought. She felt herself moving, and yet she was not moving at all. Passing fast over land… over mountains over fields over large seas.

Finally she came to a large mountain… with one single line of smoke rising high into the sky. She passed through stone and rock, down into the caverns of stone, caverns of rock.

The archways were tall and somehow familiar, a dim lit room that was circular with a table in the middle. A figure laying on the table. A roaring fire underneath the table and embers emanating heat. She walked closer to the table, a warrior woman, crowned and dressed in armor lay, seemingly asleep… or dead. She has a strange necklace around her… needles, hundreds. Gurdy stepped closer, feeling the heat burn her face, her arms… and yet she knew she felt nothing.

She stood over the figure, she looked cold, pale, withdrawn, and yet the roaring fire surged beneath her.

Suddenly, the woman’s eyes opened. “Save me”


“Save Me, Gurdy.”

All at once her body was pulled back. Yanked through time and space past the expansive fields, oceans, mountains, she was dizzy and tried to shut her eyes, but couldn’t close them. She began to feel pain. Pain and exhaustion as her senses came back to her, she lay on the ground, facing up towards a familiar catlike creature. “Gurdy?”

Gurdy's Retreat

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