Jorden - A Haunting Voice from the Past

This is a story of Jorden Fjell during Chapter 2.

Weary from battle Jorden tends to her wounds and then helps others to heal… as she sits down to breathe she feels dizzy and her vision blurs. She shuts her eyes.

She hears a voice calling her and she closes her eyes, “Jorden… Jorden… the voice calls…”

She hears her mother calling to her. She grasps her mother’s necklace and begins to kneel.

“Mother?” she says out loud.

“Come home, Jorden…” the voice says “Come home…”

“Go home… Mother?”

Styrke shakes her awake, “Jorden? Jorden?”

Coming to her senses… she says, “Styrke, we must go home. Now.”

Jorden - A Haunting Voice from the Past

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