This relic is from the lore of Ktecedios Chapter 2.

Stienbold roughly translates to “blood stone” in goliath. Stienbold is an ancient relic that was stolen from the Hjerte Sang tribe in the angrep morkalv. The bloodstone was thought to be a gift from the mountain that ensured bountiful game and harvest. Hjerte Sang’s nomads tended to have lives slightly longer than usual goliaths that was also believed to be as a result of Steinbold’s magical nature.

The relic looks like a crimson teardrop made of ruby. The base of the teardrop is the size of a human fist.

The Steinbold was recovered by Styrke deep beneath Apochrya, where it was being used as a magical implement of this realm to open up a portal to Sviesos’ realm. Styrke recovered the Steinbold in a battle with a large portal spider, seconds after seeing the visage of Sviesos herself. After the events of Ktecedios Chapter Two, Styrke returned the Steinbold to his ancestral homelands.


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